Which one has the best eye protection effect, fluorescent light or LED light?
LED cold light is not the reason why glasses are not suitable, and fluorescent lamps also have cold light. There is a range of temperature for light. Some people prefer a warm environment and choose a light tube with a low color temperature, while those who prefer a cool environment choose a light tube with a high color temperature. However, for household use, do not choose a light tube that is too cold. Choosing a warmer one will feel very warm.

LED lights, whether cold or warm, can harm the eyes. However, every time LED lights are tested during the development stage, there is an eye safety test, which is also required by the international standard IEC62471-1. Many domestic manufacturers do not pay attention to this issue. Famous brands are more at ease.

LED products are mainly used in three major fields: backlight, color screen, and indoor lighting. Due to the fact that backlighting is currently the largest application market for LED, it has driven the rapid growth of the LED industry in recent years. Under the influence of factors such as declining product prices and the rise of a new global ban on incandescent lamps, indoor lighting will replace backlighting as the fastest-growing segment of LED in the future.

Advantages of LED lamps over fluorescent lamps:

Environmentally friendly, mercury free.

The appearance looks better.

Long lifespan, high-quality bulb lamps can have a lifespan of 50000 hours, while energy-saving lamps typically have a lifespan of 5000 hours.

You can adjust colors, but energy-saving lights are not possible.

It does not contain ultraviolet or infrared rays, making the home greener and not attracting mosquitoes.

LED lamps with high luminous efficiency and good quality can achieve a comprehensive luminous efficiency of 120lm/w, while energy-saving lamps only have 50lm/w.

The color rendering index is higher, and the CRI of high-quality LED lights can reach 90%, while energy-saving lights are generally only around 65. The higher the color rendering index, the closer the lighting effect is to sunlight and will not change color.

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