The difference between fluorescent lamps and LED lamps
1. Luminescence principle
An ordinary lamp tube is a fluorescent lamp, and its luminous principle is different from that of an LED lamp tube. Fluorescent lamp luminescence is the process of generating high voltage when a ballast is powered on, which excites discharge between the two pins inside the lamp tube, and then excites the fluorescent powder to emit light. This process generates high heat. LED luminescence is generated by electron migration within a semiconductor, and the luminescence process does not generate heat.

2. Thermal energy generated
Traditional fluorescent tubes generate a large amount of thermal energy, while LED fluorescent lamps convert all of it into light energy without causing energy waste.

3. Service life
The lifespan of LEDs can reach over 50000 hours (excluding power supply), and the lifespan of fluorescent tubes (excluding power supply) is only 10000-20000 hours.

4. Photoeffect
LED tubes have high light efficiency and brightness. The light efficiency of good LED fluorescent tubes on the market can reach over 130, which is about twice that of fluorescent lights. That is to say, an 18W LED fluorescent lamp can be used as a 36W fluorescent lamp. From the actual lighting effect, a 130lm/W 18W LED lamp can be used as a 48W fluorescent lamp.

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