You must know these four knowledge of lamps
Lamps are the general term of lighting tools, which refer to the appliances that can transmit light, distribute and change the light distribution of the light source, including all parts and components necessary for fixing and protecting the light source except the light source, as well as the circuit accessories necessary for connecting with the power supply. Electric light is an indispensable part of every home.

In the home, lamps and lanterns occupy an important position. They have two major functions: lighting function and decoration function. They also have five types of electric lamps: LED, energy-saving lamp, incandescent lamp, halogen tungsten lamp and fluorescent lamp. Different lamps have different functions and play different decoration roles.

1、 Types of lamps

1. Ceiling lamp: directly installed on the ceiling for the lighting of the overall space. It has a simple shape and is suitable for super-large apartment with high floors, but there are few styles to choose. Its lighting function is less than decoration function, so if you need to decorate the living room, you can choose the ceiling lamp, but if you want to be simple, you can choose the ceiling lamp.

2. Downlight: Downlight is a kind of lighting fixture embedded in the ceiling, so it does not occupy space and can reduce the sense of oppression in space. Its light is scattered and soft, creating a warm atmosphere. It can play a certain lighting effect by directly shining on other decorative objects.

3. Spot lamp: a kind of lamp with concentrated light for local lighting. It is suitable for lighting a certain key point, and is mostly used to decorate paintings or works of art.

4. Pendant lamp: hanging from the ceiling, it is used for the lighting of the whole space. It has various shapes, beauty and function, decoration and lighting. However, due to its large volume, its high impact is obvious.

5. Wall lamp: fixed on the vertical wall, with limited lighting area, often used for key lighting. Although its beauty is very high, it is not necessary lighting.

6. Floor lamp: a kind of functional lamp, which is installed at a low place along the stairs and corridors with low illumination. It is used for lighting safety guidance at night. Its lighting area is limited.

2、 Lighting mode of lamps

In the daily home, direct lighting and other lighting methods generally work together. Direct lighting hardly loses brightness, so it is easy to produce glare, so it will be combined with other lighting methods. Similar to direct lighting, semi-direct lighting can not take into account general lighting.

Other lighting methods include indirect lighting, semi-indirect lighting, general lighting and direct - indirect lighting. Among them, semi-indirect lighting is highly decorative. Indirect lighting is suitable for auxiliary lighting, and can not be seen in the light. Direct - indirect lighting can be used for both decorative decoration and lighting, and most of them are wall lamps.

No matter what kind of lighting mode and light, it should be appropriate. Too bright or too dim light is not suitable for life, and it may be more harmful to the eyes. Therefore, the lighting mode and type of lamps should be carefully selected.

3、 Use scenario of lamps

The most common lighting use scenario is to install a pendant lamp or ceiling lamp in the middle of the living room and bedroom. The pendant lamp is highly decorative and bright enough to increase the beauty of the living room and bedroom. The ceiling lamp makes the space more spacious, and the situation of insufficient floor height is more appropriate.

Downlights with yellow light and white light are used around the living room as a lighting method when there is no main light.

The use of chandeliers on the table is very decorative, making the atmosphere more warm, and the light source with high color rendering makes things look more delicious. Waterproof lamps must be used in the washroom to avoid moisture in the circuit.

4、 Precautions for use of lamps

It is better to use warm color with appropriate white light source. Red light should not be used in the bedroom. However, in the bedroom, it is generally not appropriate to choose red light and neon lights with large flashing as decoration, which is easy to cause restlessness.

We should choose lamps and lanterns according to our artistic interests and living conditions, and also cooperate with other furniture to purchase. We should consider cleaning dust and changing light bulbs (tubes). Don't buy those that are easy to stick dust and difficult to clean, and don't buy those that need to be completely disassembled after the bulb (tube) is broken.

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