Classification of lighting sources
1. LED light

The advantages of LED lamp are small size, low power consumption, long life, non-toxic and environmental protection. The disadvantage is the need for constant current drive, heat treatment is not good, easy to light decay. The light effect is low, and the color will be missing.

2. Energy saving lamp

Energy saving lamp has the advantages of small volume, energy saving and longer life than incandescent lamp. The disadvantage is that the color rendering index is low, and things will change color seriously; The ballast will produce electromagnetic radiation when it produces instantaneous high pressure.

3. Fluorescent lamp

Also known as fluorescent lamp, the advantage is energy saving, color. The disadvantage is that the color is relatively poor, containing mercury and other harmful elements, endangering the environment. In addition, ultraviolet radiation and stroboscopic damage to the eyes.

4. Halogen lamp

Commonly known as lamp cup, cup lamp and spotlight, halogen gases such as iodine or bromine are injected into the bulb. At high temperature, sublimated tungsten wire reacts with halogen, and the cooled tungsten will solidify on the tungsten wire again, forming a balanced cycle. Simple, low cost, easy to adjust and control brightness, good color rendering. The disadvantages are short service life, low luminous efficiency and filament failure in high temperature for a long time.

5. Incandescent lamp

It is composed of tungsten wire, glass bulb and lamp cap. The advantage is that the color rendering of all lamps is the best, which is the closest to natural light, and the price is very cheap. The disadvantages are large power consumption, short life, most of the electric energy is used for heating, low performance, and now it has been basically eliminated by the market.

1. Incandescent lamp

The biggest disadvantage of incandescent lamp is its short service life. The service time is generally between 3000 and 4000 hours. Some poor quality incandescent lamps can only be used for 1500 hours. Incandescent lamps are often used in restaurants, bedrooms and other spaces in the home, which makes the color more comfortable.

2. Halogen tungsten lamp

Metal halide lamp is actually a kind of incandescent lamp. Its service life is generally between 3000 and 4000 hours, not more than 6000 hours. This kind of lamp can be used for key lighting, for example, in order to highlight the decorative painting on the wall, indoor ornaments, etc., it can be illuminated by a cold light lamp cup, and the white light of the lamp can be changed according to different home decoration styles, which is consistent with fashion.

3. Fluorescent lamp

Energy saving: about 60% of the electric energy consumed by fluorescent lamps can be converted into ultraviolet light, and other energy can be converted into heat energy. Generally, the conversion efficiency of ultraviolet light to visible light is about 40%. Therefore, the efficiency of fluorescent lamps is about 60% × 40% = 24% -- about twice that of tungsten filament lamps of the same power.

4. Energy saving lamp

Energy saving lamps are popular because of energy saving. A 9-watt energy-saving lamp is equivalent to a 40 watt incandescent lamp. Energy saving lamp life is also relatively long, generally 8000 to 10000 hours. After a period of normal use of energy-saving lamp, the lamp will become dark, mainly because of the loss of phosphor, technically known as light decay. Some high-quality energy-saving lamps have invented constant brightness technology, which can keep the lamp in the best working condition for a long time. After 2000 hours of use, the light loss is less than 10%.

5. LED light

This kind of lamp is called light-emitting diode, which is a new technology. Now the white LED lamp on the market is better in performance, but the current LED lamp still needs to be improved in technology.

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