Suzhou Industrial Park Hexin Clean Electric Appliance Co., Ltd was found in Dec2008. Hexin Clean is a professional unique LED Flip-chips Manufacturer dedicated to Flexible LED Filament packaging and applications development. Hexin Clean capitalizes on its own Research & Development, Production and Sales capabilities. For nearly 10 years, the high-tech company has been investing in research and developing new products on the technological cutting edge.

        Hexin Clean have the LARGEST production capacity in the Flexible LED Filament industry. At present, there are more than 70 packaging lines, and the monthly production capacity reaches 5,000,000 flexible filaments.
        Hexin Clean have the MOST ADVANCED technology in the Flexible LED Filament industry. With an international team of world-class Research and Engineering talents, the company extends its breakthroughs in LED Chip packaging, which allows the Company to use 0507 chip to do the flexible Packaging successfully. The Patents cover White LED, Filament, LED Chip and the whole process of Flexible LED Filament Light.
Knowledge Brightens the World
Management Pillars
Exploration, Pragmatism, Efficiency and Innovation
Marketing Vision
Customer Focused, Sincerity First
Core Values
People, Win-Win Cooperation
Scientific management
Standardization, systematization and humanized management
Pursuit of excellence
Strive for perfection, never stop

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